Site Design and Development

From the initial concept design to the final development of your site all elements will be developed to the highest standard available.

By developing your site with the PHP extension your site has the capacity of future extensions and the development of a database.
Brochure Sites

A simple and standard development method allowing you to have a web presence.
Dynamic Database Driven Sites

The more advance option compared to the Brochure Sites
This option allows you, the sites owner to make changes to the content of the site via a CMS. For more database elements see below under the Database Elements Section
Web Applications

Web Applications are an extremely useful tools for many sites. Linked to a database, the Application can obtain various information from your sites visitors/users to allow for the control of information relating to your business

Flash is everywhere today in many site across the Internet and with Robert Wasgind's Website Development your site can be one of them.
Flash allows your site to increase the ability in which your site can operate, by allowing your users to interact with elements, view slideshows of images or view your entire site.
For more information see below under the Flash Elements Section
Contact Forms / Surveys

Contact Forms are a useful tool which allows your clients to contact you via your website. By Entering information into the form and submitting the information can be set to your email inbox in an instant.
Google Maps

Added your business location to your site via the dynamic google maps system, including address, phone and website blurb pin box.
Video Conversion

With sites like YOUTUBE and METACAFE around and many more being developed daily, having videos on your site will add the extra features to your site, showcase clips of events to increase your client base
Site Maintenance

Whether your site was developed by another company or not your site can be update and maintained at a competitive price.
Domain Registration

To have that professional looking website you need to have a domain name and with Robert Wasgind's Website Development the process of that just became easier. Not Only that the domain will be registered in your name so you have full control of the domain.
Site Hosting

Along with the domain name your site will need to be hosted to allow users to access your site, this is also registered in your name and you again will have the full access of the host.

To add to the professionalism of your business, personalised email address can be setup to give that extra bit to your presence of being a company.

A dynamically created code used to stop spammers from sending information through the sites contact form.
Flash Elements - Full Flash Sites / Menus / Banners

Flash adds a whole new world to the internet, with the option of full site, menus, and banners being developed in Flash.
Having an animated or interactive element within your site gives your site an extra element for your sites visitor to enjoy.
Flash Elements - Slideshows

A Flash slideshow allows multiple images to be displayed in one location on the page instead of multiple locations on the page, with transition effects that can be added to the images, having your product/service images display in one neat and presentable package will help the design and layout of your site.
Flash Elements - Galleries

A Flash gallery is used to display multiple images for viewing to your sites visitor. With click and load features an assortment of images can be included and extended to allow for the full exposure of your products and services to your sites visitors.
Flash Elements - Interactive Games

A fantastic Flash game is a great way to increase visitors to your site, whether it is a simple quiz or a full complex game that allows users to fully control elements with in the game. By including a interactive element within your site development based around your products/services you are giving double exposure of your business to your sites visitors.
Database Elements - CMS

Update your site with your content the way you want the content to be displayed, Never pay to Update your site again... ever, Upload images and files, edit text with a GUI style 'WYSIWYG' text editor.
Database Elements - Shopping Carts

Have a product to sell, why not sell it to the world through your own site. With multiple payment systems supported, from Bank operated solutions to Paypal, payment for your products is guaranteed.
Database Elements - Mailing Lists and E-Newsletter

Have a mailing list you sent letters or plain text based emails to? Why not add some colour, style and a product/service image to it, to make the newsletters standout from the rest. I can create you a system that is automated and unique to your business, with all the features, including 'Click Here if you are having trouble
viewing this email' links and 'Unsubscribe' links, save money by sending an E-Newsletter.
Database Elements - Blogs

You have seen them online and now you can have a personal BLOG in your website not at a different web address but your own website address, include images with all entries.
Database Elements - Guestbooks

Like your sites visitors to say hi to you when they stop by your site, with the guestbook option you can.
Fully Administrable, unwanted entries can be removed without issues
Database Elements - Client / Administration Login Systems

Want a members only area? No Problem, a username and password protected area of your site can be created without issues, including 'Forgot Password' and 'Reset Password' controls, your site will standout from the rest.
Database Elements - Site Registration and Validation Systems

Want an area for visitors to register for access to extra features of your sites, or to join a mailing list... done, with extra features that allow your registered users to utilise once registered.
Database Elements - Availability System

A calendar driven system that generates the maximum available rooms/items to rent on a given date over the select required period of time.

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